Change the Life of a Child in Uruapan Baja Mexico

We believe that everyone can do something and even one person can make a change in the life of a child. Sponsor a Child

This will be a life changing opportunity for a child but also for you as you help to provide for your child in new and life changing ways. Your financial support gives hope for their future and provides them with the following:

* A place in a loving home within a ‘family’ at Mount of Olives Children’s Village

*3 Nutritious meals each day

*Medical and Dental Care

*An education from Kindergarten through University

*Life Skills Training

*Opportunities to succeed beyond our doors

*Opportunity to have a relationship with their Sponsor providing encouragement, friendship and prayer support.

We encourage you to pray for your child, write to them, send photos, small gifts, or visit them. We want you to be an active part of their lives!

Sponsorship at Mount of Olives Children’s Village is unique in that 100% of the sponsorship funds go to the care of the children. Administration costs etc. are fundraised through the efforts of Missions Network International through our generous donors.

Sponsorship is $30 per month.

All Sponsorship funds are pooled and used to provide for each of the children, regardless of their units of sponsorship. The children are our first priority and any shortfalls in their care funds are covered by Missions Network International.

Personal monetary gifts for birthdays and holidays go directly to the child you sponsor, and we will carefully help them choose what they spend these gifts on.

All funds given for Sponsorship or to Missions Network International are receipt-able for tax purposes in Canada, Mexico and the USA. For further information on child sponsorships please contact Jenn Roosma at jenn@missions-network.org

If you wish to support annually, click here for Annual Sponsorships.

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Sponsor a Child at Mount of Olives Children's Village

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